Monday, January 23, 2006

a duped east coaster's random thought

i looked down at my morning toast, the honey coiling from the cold, shivered in its tracks.

snippet of a brewing story on the backburner

She didn't care if today wasn't her birthday. She was tired of waiting, waiting for that moment when she could wear what she dubbed as her "Snow White" dress; pink with white fur cap sleeves like two rabbits perched on her round shoulders.
The thing is, I never said she had to wait until her birthday.

I watched her quietly patting her furry shoulders as if she were lullabying them to sleep. Her bedroom with the circus wallpaper was already tired of her endless daydreams, and the smiling bears and tigers marched across her room slowly fading in the upper corners of the wall.

I looked out her window to see the breeze snake through the bamboo patch. She could play for hours in that enchanted forest, hours of complete fantasy soaking up her imagination. I had wanted to take part in that world, but I knew I'd always be an outsider, desperately wiping the frost from the window trying to look in...

Sunday, January 22, 2006

mon premier post

bonjour, c'est moi le petit poulet, mon ami le petit radiateur m'a dit que je devrais ecrire quelquechose....

I can't believe I'm actually somewhat up with the rest of society - with my very own blog. So what do I have to offer? Not much. Just a place for reflections on things I've read or seen recently I guess.